Instructions to Authors

Instructions to Authors

v     Scope & Policy

v     Form and Preparation of Manuscripts

v     Sending of Manuscripts

Scope and policy


The scope of Journal of Medical Science & Research is to publish the scientific and technologic advances achieved by the medical community, according to the quality indicators and peer reviewed material. The Journal is published biannually. We prefer original research works, rare case reports and reviews with recent updates.

2 General Guidelines

2.1 The papers sent for publication must be original, whave not been published, ith the understanding that they have not  been published, simultaneously submitted or already accepted for publication elsewhere. The Journal of Medical Science & Research shall retain the copyright of all papers published, yet allowing future reproduction as a transcription, provided the source is properly mentioned.

2.2 The authors are fully responsible for the texts, citations and references and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board.

2.3 The Editorial Board is fully authorized to settle the convenience of their acceptance, or return them to the authors with suggestions for modifications in the text and/or for adaptation to the editorial rules of the Journal. The final decision for acceptance of the manuscript lies with the Editor-in-chief.

3 Revision Criteria

3.1 Manuscripts will be firstly evaluated regarding presentation according to the instructions for authors. Manuscripts not in accordance with instructions will be rejected and returned to authors without being reviewed by referees.

3.2 Manuscripts in accordance with the instructions will be appreciated in their scientific merit and methods by at least two referees from different institutions of that of the authors, besides the Editor-in-Chief. When revision of the original is required, the manuscript will be returned to the corresponding author for modification. A revised version with modifications will be re-submitted by the authors, and that will be re-evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board.

4. Proof

4.1 Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author by electronic mail in pdf format for final approval.

4.2 Approval of proofs by the corresponding author should be returned with corrections, if necessary, within 72 hours.

4.4 Inclusion of new authors is not allowed at this phase of the publication process.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

1 Presentation of the Manuscript

1.1 Cover page should contain only:

- Title of the manuscript.

- Names of the authors in direct order with their respective degrees and affiliations.

- Full address of the corresponding author, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, including fax and phone number as well as e-mail address.

1.2 Text

- Abstract: should comprise at most 250 words, highlighting objective, material and methods, results and conclusions.

- Key words: should be not less than 3 and not more than 6.

- FULL TEXT: should include the complete article beginning from Introduction till References, including Tables.

Max word limit is 3000 for research work, 2500 for reviews and 2000 for case reports.

- Acknowledgments (when appropriate). Acknowledge those who have contributed to the work. Specify sponsors, grants, scholarships and fellowships with respective names.

 References: references should be numbered in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. They must follow the Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals – Vancouver available at:


The manuscript should be typed as follows: 1.5 spacing in 12 pt Times New Roman font, with 3-cm margins at each side.TABLES:


The tables should be logically arranged, consecutively numbered with Arabic numbers. The legend shall be placed on the top of the tables. Tables should be open in the right and left laterals. Data contained in tables and illustrations should not be repeated in the text, and only important findings should be highlighted. Footnotes should be indicated by asterisks and restricted to the least amount possible.

3. Photographs

Photographs should be sent in original colors and IN JPEG format. The corresponding legends for figures should be clear, concise and typed at the end of the manuscript as a separate list preceded by the corresponding number.

Sending of manuscripts


1.1 Articles must be submitted through the following email id:

1.2 The copyright form, signed by all authors, should be submitted as a scanned file, at the time of submission of the manuscript.  |  Disclaimer